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A tid-bit about me: Everything I do is for my future. I am a daughter, sister, traveler, photographer, dog mom, and coffee addict. I absolutely love my job.


Hello! I’m Baylee. These are the things to know about me: I am going to be there during your most amazing wedding day. I am at your side through it all, and I will be dancing and crying with you all day behind my camera.


I grew up in Idaho and enjoy shooting in the wide spaces outdoors that feel like home, which is reflected in my photography style. My style reflects the light and dreamy feeling of the best day ever. I want to showcase my brides and grooms in their best light and at their happiest moments. I crave the moments that are captured through my camera lens, that  hit you deep in your soul, years from now when you are showing your kids your photos. Invest in my photography and you will be investing in your memories that will last a lifetime.


All of that disappears without adventure, laughter, and the experience that every #BayleeMarieBride feels when they look back through their photographs. I am beyond grateful for the moments and emotions I have been a part of on wedding days. The testimonies from my clients have their heart and soul in them about their experience with me on their wedding day. I am happy to now call them all my friends. 


There are so many more roots that make me who I am as a photographer. I have a big family that has supported my dreams and love for this once-said hobby. I have two dogs with my boyfriend, Thea & Elsa. They are big German Shepard goofballs. 


I want your session to be what my whole life has been, raw and real, exciting, funny, and happy. I want to be your photographer. I am super excited to hear your story, so let's meet for coffee and chat over the details. Then let's get your wedding or session date on my calendar, before someone else books me for that valuable day!

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